yet it was a priceless accompaniment to the truth. In no case, nevertheless, should it be confounded for the reality, nor should it be worshipped to the exclusion of upper and nobler objects. The rev. lecturer additionally mentioned, that although he had on two earlier occasions lectured upon the identical subject,

Isabella MELODIA

GEHDE – September 4, 1941, at Linden, Augustus Michael Gehde, beloved husband of the late Marian Gehde and loving brother of Edward (deceased), Nicholas (deceased), Lena, William, Mary (mrs. Wilkins) and Henry (deceased), aged 86 years. – April 30, 1917, at his residence, Darley-road, Randwick, Edward Frederick, beloved son of August and Anna Mary Gehde, aged 59 years.

Gatland arrived in Hobart on a convict transport on three March 1844, on the same ship that brought Maconochie and his family lastly from the island. He was granted a ticket-of-leave in November 1846, a conditional pardon in 1848, and, on completing his 10-year sentence in April 1849, a certificate of freedom. – The above Society have eliminated to Mr. Cane’s Schoolroom, Stanley-street, Woolloomooloo.

Canberra Citynews

The emptiness among the Military Knights of Windsor, attributable to the dying of Major Francis Gee, has been stuffed by the appointment of Captain George Lewis Dive Amiel, late of the 10th Lincolnshire Regiment . In consequence of the unfavourable state of the weather, the Concert which was to have been given at the Royal Hotel last night time,

The College Of Sydney –

Another concert, the proceeds of which are to go the fund for the erection of a statue in honour of Captain Cook, was given in the Hyde Park Pavilion, on Saturday evening. There was a really numerous attendance, the worth of admission being decreased to one shilling, and a considerable sum, though not a lot as was obtained from the earlier concert, went to the fund. fiftieth Regiment, by the sort permission of Colonel Waddv, performed on the event, and commenced the concert shortly before eight o clock, with a grand march composed by Mr. Gassner, and devoted to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Under the Direction of Mr. W. Wallace. THE Second Concert will take place this evening, the 26th instant . Solo, clarionette – Baermann – Mr. Gattland .

After the termination of the service, the brethern walked in procession by way of the city. In the evening a ball and supper had been held at Host Cohen’s. About forty couples had been present. The music was piano and violin, by Mr. and Mrs. Glogoski, two new arrivals, of whose musical skills report speaks extremely.

Mr. Gillott’s new composition naturally attracted essentially the most attention. It is an octet, “Gran Tarantella di Concerto” for eight performers on 4 pianos – and it is a type of unique composition which we’ve not met earlier than . We have been favored with the perusal of a letter from W.

DEMISEMIQUAVER. The (Queen’s Own) band will play the next choices of music in the Domain, this afternoon, at four o’clock (weather permitting). March, “Rifle Volunteers,” Gassner, 2. Overture, “The Exiled,” Gassner; three. Selection, “Linda di Chamounix,” Donizetti; 4.

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The affair created fairly an excitement, and naturally the woman was applauded for her spirit and bravery. Rosa Towers, I consider, was married thrice – the third time to a physician who practises in Queensland . – July 24, by the Registrar of Newcastle, N.S.W., Herbert William Wood (Dubois), son of the late Major H. W. Wood, Madras Royal Engineers, to Rosa Towers, of the Rosa Towers’ Dramatic Company. The biggest Traffic Controller MELODIA Juvenile Actress within the World, Miss ROSA TOWERS,

while it yielded a most ample return, and was throughout the reach of all. Thomas Gardiner, a man of shade, was charged with loitering in Hindley-street, and never giving a passable account of himself. The prisoner, who is what’s termed “a sneak,” was seen by P.C. Morrison, about eleven o’clock on Saturday night, within the yard of the “Royal Admiral,” when the cook dinner of that institution, additionally a darkey, was found handing a bundle to the prisoner, which contained a quantity of meat and a new loaf.