1. Recognize your audience

Before anything else, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, although a diverse range of individuals use TikTok, Gen Z users dominate the platform.

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The age range of 43.7% of TikTok users is 18 to 24. Most of them are individuals who are uninterested in stuff that is too commercial.

Rather, people are searching the app for entertaining, inventive, and motivational material. Therefore, be true to yourself and consider your audience’s interests when creating original TikTok videos.

2. Include hashtags in your videos on TikTok.

You must first get consumers to find your content on social media platforms in order for any company to become popular.

The TikTok algorithm gives each user’s personalisation first priority, so using hashtags might help you find and connect with more individuals who share your interests.

Recall that the primary objectives are to monetize your audience and draw in the proper kind of followers. Therefore, choose hashtags that are associated with your keywords.

To increase the likelihood that your films will appear on people’s For You pages, you may also use the hashtags #fyp, #foryou, or #foryoupage in the subtitles of your videos.

3. Make use of the ‘For You’ page’s trends

Reaching the For You Page is one of the primary objectives for firms utilizing TikTok marketing. When a user opens their app, they land on that page initially.

Although it is a carefully selected video feed that is based on your preferences and previous interactions, popular trends may also appear on everyone’s For You Page.

Trends on TikTok are subject to weekly fluctuations, so to stay relevant for your company, find out what’s trending and take advantage of difficulties.

For instance, when Candyfunhouse capitalized on the Stranger Things craze by speculating on the kind of candy each character would choose, they received 11.4k likes.

4. Catch and retain the interest of the audience

All of the TikTok video engagement is positive. On TikTok, however, watch time, likes, and shares are the most significant indicators, in contrast to other social networking sites.

One of the most widely accepted hypotheses regarding the TikTok algorithm is the “batch” hypothesis, which states that the ratio of likes to views—or engagement to likes—determines whether your movie is viewed by more people.

Gaining viewers’ interest and increasing your watch time and views may be accomplished by studying copywriting formulae that work, such as employing open-loop queries or attention-grabbing titles.

Like all the films made by Peachy Slime, you will notice results right away if you use the same potent hook as a caption in your own video.

Every video features the brand’s slime-making procedure along with a question or comment from a user that sparks a narrative, drawing millions of views and keeping viewers captivated.

5. Incorporate popular audio or videography

Similar to hashtags, a popular song or sound effect may be used to make your video visible to other users who have viewed or enjoyed similar videos on TikTok.

So, there’s a good possibility your video may get viral if you incorporate a popular music!

One such is this million-view TikTok featuring Savannah Bananas dancing to Lizzo’s song #aboutdamntime.

6. Play kind or work together with other TikTok users.

Similar to influencer marketing, features like stitching or dueting in viral videos are a fantastic method to increase interaction.

With the help of this tool, emerging companies may capitalize on popular trends and get more visibility, while more established brands can work with TikTok stars to cooperate and inspire content creation from viewers.

For example, the NBA enables other users create material centered around their brand, giving them free visibility. Tell me you are an NBA fan without telling me you are an NBA fan.

7. Publish several times a day

The greatest thing about TikTok is that you may grow faster the more stuff you share, even if it’s difficult to forecast what will go viral.

TikTok advises users to upload fresh, purposeful material on a frequent basis, ideally one to four times each day.

This is due to the fact that publishing more material will enable you to gather followers and try out various content types.

In addition, TikTok has a higher organic reach than other social media sites. Any possibilities of appearing on viewers’ For You pages may be increased by posting the appropriate material at the appropriate time.

8. Make your videos brief

Dan Slee, a digital communications specialist, believes that a TikTok video should only last 15.6 seconds.

Based on an analysis of the top 100 TikTok videos from 2019, he discovered that 80% of them lasted little more than 20 seconds, and only 2% went beyond the allotted time.

The outcome is hardly shocking. Your videos will be more likely to be viewed through to the end and to be rewatched than shorter ones.

9. Produce valuable content

Even though the goal of TikTok is to create viral video, marketers should also provide valuable content, such instructional or informative materials.

Think on the 80/20 rule: 80% of your postings should enlighten or amuse readers, while just 20% should advertise your company.

Cees Cees Closet does a fantastic job of advertising her exfoliating product while giving fun skincare stuff.

10. Examine rivals and monitor your stats

Whatever medium you are using, marketing is really a competition to get the attention of your target audience.

To locate your USP and possibilities to set your brand apart from the competition, study and comprehend the messaging of your rivals’ brands.

Additionally, register for TikTok Pro to monitor your metrics. Determine the most popular kind of content for your audience to cut out any speculation from your content plan.