Likes on Instagram remain a popular statistic for many marketers, even though they were among the first social analytics to show post performance. The viewer doesn’t have to pay much because all they have to do is double tap. Also, common interaction metrics include an Instagram Like.

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Although Instagram is now exploring the removal of public Like counts from posts, the metric will remain in use for internal purposes. Instagram Like deletions have already been tried in a number of nations, such as Australia and Canada. As of the time this article was published, the test has also been expanded to the United States. We’re not sure what will happen with public Instagram Likes in the end, but crucially for companies and influencers, the numbers will still be visible in your statistics.

We’ve put up a mix of suggestions below to help you get more Likes on Instagram posts. Although we haven’t covered the basics, such as taking quality pictures and being consistent, it’s always a good idea to remember them. While these ideas are the enhancers that may help you make the most out of your content, these Instagram for business fundamentals serve as the cornerstone of your approach.

Nine strategies for increasing Instagram Likes

1. Draw inspiration from different companies and sectors


Where do you find inspiration for your work? You won’t come up with novel ideas if all you follow is your buddy group or your industry. Instead, spend some time researching and selecting motivational role models to follow. Mix in your industry, industries that are closely similar to yours, and sectors that are completely unrelated to you. It’s likely that you may draw some inspiration for your own articles from their approach, even if their clientele isn’t the same as yours.

Williams Sonoma highlights certain recommendations with graphics that might have been difficult to understand with a photo alone. It connects with the holidays in a timely way and is easy to read and understand. Therefore, even if this specific issue may not be pertinent to your business, the lesson of use an instance to discuss a difficult subject is readily apparent.

2. Hold a Like-based competition

Sales and freebies are the subject of some of the most engaging Instagram content. People enjoy entering competitions, and the more accessible your contest is, the more participation you’ll get.

One of the entry conditions for a Like-based picture contest must be that participants must like the post. The two other prerequisites are often following the account and tagging one or more friends. Since like a post for an entry is so simple, you can count on getting a good amount of interaction.

In this instance, Soma increased the stakes in the competition by teaming up with several influencers in the health and wellness industry as well as another business. They all gain from the contest as it exposes their brands and increases their Instagram Like count.

3. Develop a hashtag plan.

Using hashtags to your brand’s advantage is one of the simplest methods to gain organic attention. That doesn’t include using the hashtags #top, #wonderful, or #hair in every post. It entails using hashtags sparingly, both for brands and industries. Having a brand hashtag makes it simpler to identify influencers and material that fits your niche. Industry hashtags are useful for keeping track of current trends in your sector and making sure you don’t miss anything.

Start by learning about hashtag tactics to determine which hashtags are ideal for you. If you want to check which hashtags had the most interactions, you can also utilize statistics like Sprout’s Instagram report. You might utilize a social listening service like Sprout’s to focus in on hashtags you might be missing from top posts in your area in order to expand on the hashtags you’re utilizing and find new opportunities in your sector.

Madewell used a rather straightforward hashtag approach for this article. Three brand hashtags are used, one for the highlighted brand and two for their own. In order to integrate it with the remaining cooperation posts online, it also included the hashtag #collabs. It’s also worth noting that the caption just uses one, simple hashtag. In order to prevent them from taking attention away from the caption, the final three hashtags are placed as a remark.

4. Mark the appropriate accounts

When credit is due, give it. When appropriate, include the people you are working with in the post’s caption and on the image. For instance, tag well-known items or persons in your photos so they may be found on the post. It is quick and allows the creators to be credited. When you tag brands in your posts, they frequently like and comment on them.

CB2 frequently shares pictures of its clients on social media or notes who was involved in the design of a room. They have labeled the designers, the product, and the location in this specific post. For the business, crediting the designers and places that utilize their goods increases client loyalty and shows appreciation for their efforts. There is mutual benefit for all parties concerned.

5. Request tagging a friend

Have you ever come across an intriguing Instagram image that made you want to tell a buddy about it right away? You generally have three alternatives when this occurs: you may SMS them the link, email it to them by direct message, or tag them in a remark. It’s simple to invite people to tag a buddy in fascinating or humorous material you have created. This is only the next step as they were probably going to tag someone anyhow.

Despite the differences between these two scenarios, the same outcomes are obtained. While the other is just ridiculous, the first is educational. But both explicitly request that fans tag a buddy. High engagement and a ton of likes are the outcome.

6. Add a location tag to your post

In particular, location tagging is important for travel and retail companies since it makes sure that your photo appears when someone is browsing at a certain spot. It shouldn’t take up any more of your publication time because it’s rather simple to do.

A lot of customers who are familiar with Instagram also utilize it to find out which restaurants offer the greatest cuisine and beverages. They may quickly locate pictures of the foods they wish to taste by looking up a marked location. When you use the location tag in your post, Instagram Likes will flow in naturally.

The city was location-tagged in this article by Vogue Living. All of the posts at the location may be explored by individuals who wish to visit or learn more about the place. It’s also likely that those who were considering visiting Puglia for vacation would stumble onto this page. It is those visitors who will increase the number of likes.