Packaging for high-end products like watches, jewels, cosmetics, and high-end gadgets is often done in magnet boxes or rigid gift boxes. When compared to carton boxes, magnet boxes are distinguished by their stiffness, which facilitates better product storage and transportation, and their aesthetic purpose of transmitting messages.

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But producing premium magnet boxes involves a lot of money, labor, and equipment. These are some notes that demonstrate how to have an expensive, high-end magnet box.

When is the best time to print the magnet box?

High-value items are packaged in sturdy magnet boxes. A magnet box’s construction typically consists of two parts:

Inner layer: chipboard or cardboard to form a stable, robust framework for the box

Coated or uncoated paper, couche paper, ivory, or fine art paper make up the outer layer. This paper layer’s purpose is to cover the inner layer visually by printing textures, logos, and messages.

A luxury magnet box template magnet’s quality is often assessed using:

Capacity to safeguard and confine the goods within

The charm of the unconventional design

Techniques for shutting or opening the package.

Many advantages when selecting a magnet box

Due of its superior quality, magnet boxes are typically more expensive than alternative packaging options like kraft or carton boxes. But the advantages of this deluxe package can cause you to think about the following:

Magnet box: Lowering the danger associated with goods

A magnet box is thought to be one of the best methods for lowering operational, manufacturing, and commercial risks for the following types of businesses:

Risk from collisions and damage while in transit. The purpose of the magnet box is to shield the product from outside influences. The quality of the product may be impacted by chemical or physical effects.

Customers’ uncertainty regarding fake goods or comparable products on the market poses a danger.

Additionally, a printing magnet box allows you to showcase your brand using features like the color of the box, the logo, text, or surface printing effect. This information is intended to help consumers identify and select the appropriate product, preventing them from purchasing phony or subpar items that might harm a company’s reputation and performance.

Exquisite magnet packaging – Raising the worth of the item

The premium box form known as the magnet box is made of paper with a heavy base weight, making it incredibly durable and helping to better preserve the goods within while also giving the consumer a sense of security when opening the box.

Furthermore, this kind of box is readily combined with various surface treatments like glitter coating, stamping, embossing, and gold or silver metallic pressing to draw attention to the product’s unique elements, such as the logo, tagline, or specific motifs.

Key points to consider while producing a magnet box

Here are some things to keep in mind so that you may create a beautiful magnet box that will guarantee the success of your company.

Make the proper material selection for your magnet box.

The material might be cardboard or chipboard mixed with couche, ivory, duplex, or art paper for the exterior layer.

Duplex paper is a commonly used option for cost reduction. But when it comes to printing quality, Couche and Ivory paper will work best for a present box that is crisper and more visible. Additionally, art paper is a good option if the magnet box requires a high level of complexity due to its lovely features like glittering surfaces or embossed patterns.

Therefore, the printing firm will advise you on the best magnet box packaging option for your needs based on the goods inside.

Design of a magnet gift box

This is a crucial element that establishes the magnet box’s functionality and goal. To select the style of your luxury box, you may go through these 17 magnet box styles.


One element that draws attention to the brand is color. In order to convey a sense of lightness, delicacy, and richness, pastel or dark colors are frequently utilized to print magnet boxes. The majority of luxury packaging frequently employs solid colors, eliminating extraneous elements, and consistently highlights and emphasizes the logo and tagline.

The product’s nature or attributes will determine how the color changes as well. For instance, high-key colors are frequently used in magnet gift boxes for Tet and the Mid-Autumn Festival, but blue and white boxes are better for containing natural goods like functional foods.

How much a magnet package prints

The following variables affect how much printing a magnet box will cost:

Content, design of the box

Techniques for printing and processing

Accessories such box buckles, bow ties, paper, cloth, and inner lining foam are attached.

additional elements like amount, timing, and other unique needs.

The fundamental elements listed above have an impact on rigid magnet box quality, but there are other considerations as well. You may relieve some of your stress by doing your homework and selecting a reputable printing business that offers appropriate packaging options. We would be pleased to speak with you if you have any questions, so please get in touch with us or leave a note.