Powder eyebrows: their purpose

A modern cosmetic procedure called “powder brows” is used to improve the look of the eyebrows. Their ability to hide flaws and provide long-lasting effects have made them popular. A microneedle is used to introduce coloring agent, also known as permanent makeup pigment, beneath the skin to create a veil-like, delicate look.

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After the surgery, people may say goodbye to their everyday eyebrow makeup and wake up with perfectly done brows every day. Because of its ease of use, permanent eyebrow makeup—particularly powder brows—has become more popular among modern women who aspire to fulfill contemporary beauty standards.

The effects can last up to two years if a skilled artist applies them with excellent pigments and appropriate care. Both the contour and the coloring hold their vibrancy.


In microblading, blade incisions are used to introduce color into the dermis. PMU (Permanent Makeup), on the other hand, uses a machine to implant the pigment by carefully puncturing the skin with a specialized needle. By comparison, this method is almost painless and less invasive than microblading.

The goal of both methods is to give the eyebrows the perfect hue, shape, and contour. But a speedier recovery is guaranteed by the powder brows procedure’s softer nature. In just two to three days, the microwounds heal and the post-treatment puffiness goes down, revealing eyebrows that seem natural. On the other hand, because of the incisions and the thick, hard crust that forms after the treatment that cannot be touched, microblading requires a longer recovery period.

Powder eyebrow pros and cons


reaches a natural-looking brow color

covers up little flaws like scars and asymmetric eyebrows.

provides a lasting impact

offers a painless encounter

guarantees a quick time for recuperation

Cons (a far more condensed list):

Peril of pigment fading in the presence of UV radiation

Unable to hide serious flaws

requires sporadic touch-ups, which are a must for any permanent makeup.

It is best to speak with a skilled artist before deciding to undergo this procedure in order to minimize any potential negative effects.


For ladies of all ages who like mild cosmetic modifications, powder brows are perfect. With a solution that resists heat and water, it’s especially helpful for people with thin or gapped eyebrows, making it a great option before holidays. Think about powder brows if you

Look for makeup that is durable and won’t wash off.

Have you lately dyed your hair a different color?

Have unruly eyebrows that are void of shape or have holes in them

have lost color as a result of prolonged sun exposure

have little scars to hide or asymmetrical eyebrows

Powder brows appear as a practical substitute in a society when beauty frequently involves sacrifice—time, money, and effort spent on cosmetics and salon visits.


The top layer of skin is somewhat injured by powder brows. It’s not unpleasant at all, however it could cause some discomfort for people with low pain thresholds. Reduced skin sensitivity throughout the process is ensured by a particular gel that the artist applies.


Following brow powder treatment, you could notice a minor redness in the area around your brows. Furthermore, a lot of people report that the pigment they had treated seems overly bright following the procedure. However, this is just the initial result. After a day, the color darkens, so don’t worry—you only need to wait for a while for your eyebrows to reach the correct shade. Crusts may form by the third day and flake off. All obvious symptoms go away within a week.


To maintain long-term satisfaction with the course of treatment:

For one to two weeks, refrain from touching, cleaning, or scratching your brows.

Do not remove the healing crusts by pealing them off.

Avert sun exposure and items containing alcohol until the crusts come off.

Avoid using cleaners, peeling gels, and plucking your eyebrows.


A follow-up appointment is required as soon as thirty days following the initial course of therapy. It has a significant impact on the outcome’s quality and durability. After exfoliation began and the crusts developed, the permanent makeup artist examines the treated area and fills in any gaps that may have appeared. In the event that the color changed, the artist will also restore the original hue.


Permanent eyebrow makeup is more expensive in large cities, similar to most other cosmetic procedures. In contrast, costs in the provinces may be significantly cheaper. Of course, the largest towns and capitals have the highest concentration of elite PMU musicians, but you can now find PMU musicians of a respectable caliber in the provinces and even in relatively small places.

The beauty parlors in your city will always have the most recent rates accessible.

Price is not the primary consideration, though. Give the artist’s or studio’s evaluations and portfolio top priority in relation to the type of treatment you are seeking.


Only an artist equipped with the proper tools (permanent makeup pigments), sterile settings, and minimal tools (needles and illumination) can do the permanent makeup technique. In other words, you are not even allowed to ask the PMU artist to perform in your home.